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"He who looks outside, dreams; he who looks inside, awakens" - Carl Jung

What is therapy?

Therapy, also called psychotherapy or counselling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to explore issues in your life that may be causing distress or difficulty. The terms are often used interchangeably although counselling is sometimes seen as being concerned with more immediate problems on a shorter term basis whilst psychotherapy tends to suggest a more open-ended and in depth process. What is common to both is that you share your story with an empathic and attuned listener who allows you to be truly seen and heard.

Your relationship with your therapist is a confidential one and focuses not only on the content of what you talk about, but also the process. The therapeutic process--how you share your feelings and experiences--can be just as important as the specific issues or concerns you share in therapy.

Why might I come to therapy?

People come to see a therapist for all sorts of reasons. Maybe there is a particular issue in your life or work that is causing pain or difficulty or perhaps there is a past trauma or concern that continues to affect you in the present. Sometimes the issue seems clear and at other times there may be a feeling of depression, anxiety or joylessness that you can not explain.

I work with people who suffer from depression, anxiety, low-self esteem or stress; those who are bereaved, facing relationship difficulties or struggling with a professional difficulty; those who are trying to process a traumatic past or who are experiencing a crisis of identity or meaning in their lives and those who hope to find more vitality and joy in their lives. I also work with trainee therapists who wish to explore and understand their own motivations for entering the profession.

Therapy offers a confidential and respectful space to explore issues with your therapist removed from your personal circle of family and friends allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings without self-censorship, shame or fear of how the other may feel in response. This freedom may help you to gain insights into your feelings and behaviours to facilitate growth, change and acceptance.

What should I expect?

  • I will invite you to have an initial therapy session to enable us to meet and to decide whether we are a good fit to work together on a longer term basis.
  • You will be welcomed warmly and we will take time to discuss your hopes for, and expectations of, therapy.
  • Sessions will last for 50 minutes and will take place regularly, usually weekly.
  • We can agree to work together for a defined number of sessions or on a more open-ended basis.
  • You can bring the sessions to an end when you wish although I will encourage you to discuss your desire to end with me first.

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